Serenity bath salts

20% dead sea salt, epsom salt, magnesium & pink himalayan salt release muscle tension, while essential oils Promote a good night’s rest and help one ‘unwind’ before bed
Manufacturer: maitri SPA

Toasted to help prevent clumping.  Fine ground to promote fast dissolving.


Bath Salts:

Epsom salts

Magnesium flakes

Dead sea salt

Pink himalayan salt

Tapioca starch

Baking soda


Serenity:  A blend of essential oils that Smells Great and Works Wonders; a very soothing blend that helps to reduce depression, anxiety, stress and tension while promoting restful sleep and relaxation.

Tangerine: contains esters and aldehydes which are sedating and calming to the nervous system

Orange:  brings peace and happiness to the mind and body, and joy to the heart.

Ylang Ylang: may help balance male-female energies, restoring feekings of self-love, confidence and joy.

Patchouli: sedating, calming and relaxing; reduces anxiety.

Blue Tansy: may help cleanse the liver and calm the lymphatic system;


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