Carver M-1.0t (non-inverting model) troubleshooting guide

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29 years of electronics experience condensed to 15 pages. Includes a comprehensive theory of operation section, which explains how the amplifier works, as well as a complete troubleshooting guide.

Also available; a half-complete version of the M-500t troubleshooting guide. This guide contains a theory of operation section, which describes normal behavior, and a half-complete troubleshooting guide.

If one is familiar with carver magnetic field amplifiers, the troubleshooting guide blanks can be 'filled in' with the accompanying M-1.0t guide

Manufacturer: ZeroPointe
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M-1.0t (non-inverting) troubleshooting guide table of contents:

Technical description
Primary circuit and regulator
Startup sequence
Power supply regulation
Load regulation
Secondary voltages
Amplifier stage
Power supply commutators
Protection circuitry
Over Current:
DC offset:
HEATSINK abnormally high temperature:
Display Board
Troubleshooting Guide
Power Supply or output?
Isolating the Power Supply from the rest of the stages
The usual suspects
Applying power to the stages
Half-split method
Half-split 1:
Half-split 2a:
Input board:
Bias network:
Half-split 2b:
Power supply
Normal indications
Usual suspects
Triac phase angle control
Half-split 1:
Half-split 2a:
Half-split 2b:



M-500t troubleshooting guide table of contents:


Safety information
technical description
primary circuit and regulator
startup sequence
power supply regulation
load regulation
secondary voltages
amplifier stage
power supply commutators
protection circuitry
power supply or output?
isolating the power supply from the rest of the stages
the usual suspects
applying power to the stages
half-split method
half-split 1


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